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Best Beans in the Med

Best Beans in the Med

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As our Lithuanian ancestors used to say, why weren’t we born in the Mediterranean? Well now, you can be, močiūtė.

There are enough chick’n products out there, so we refuse to call this chick’n salad, or not-chicken salad, or veggcken salad. And because chickpea + chicken = chickpean; we can’t use that.

But this mix does remind us of chicken salad, despite being made with the ingredients for which the Med is famous: chickpeas, tahini, pistachios, and dates.

Enjoy this hot or cold – maybe in a pita, or on rice – but keep it simple, because the most important thing is to kick off your sandals, wiggle your toes in the sand, and let the wind blow a little through your toga.

Ingredients: chickpeas*, water, aromatics (onion*, carrot*, celery*), pistachios*, tahini*, dates*, lemon juice*, extra virgin olive oil*, salt, dry mint* (*ORGANIC)

Contains: pistachios, sesame

Please note: This product was produced in a home kitchen not inspected by a health department that may also process common food allergens. If you have safety concerns, contact your local health department.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Johnson
Versatile and tasty

We ordered the Best Beans in the Med and were able to use them over the course of three very different meals. Heated up or served cold. Eaten as is or used as one part of a larger dish. However you eat em it doesn't matter because they are so good and tasty. Order the larger size to get more usage out of these delicious beans!

Timothy Felton

you cannot go wrong with these! truly the best!

So tasty (and healthy!)

I purchased “The Best Beans in the Med” at the Wicker Park farmers market, and they taste great! I wanted a snack/side that would go with my VegeCleanse detox, and this product had all natural, no sugar ingredients. The dates add the right amount of natural sweetness. I tried a sample at the farmers market, and I was hooked. Try them!

Delicious and family friendly!

These are really tasty beans! We've been eating them as a snack and as a side with dinner. The little kids love them too! They're savory and refreshing (the mint is delicious) with a hint of sweet from the dates.

Taylor O.
Toddler-approved (mama loves 'em, too)

The dates give these babies just enough sweet that my 2-yr old devours them, saying, "taste like chocolate!" They do not taste like chocolate. But they ARE the perfect little combo of savory with a hint of sweet. I slap a few spoonfuls on toast or eat it straight up.

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