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Mystery Item

Mystery Item

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This week: Spicy Sisters

Sweet corn and savory chickpeas tossed in a hot chili crisp. Add ramen noodles and your favorite broth for a spicy, bone-warming soup.

Recent history 

February 24th - Fine Sea Salt Chickpea Tofu - The essential chickpea tofu, ready to support flavors and dishes of any kind.

February 17th - Dilly Dally Hummus -  Vibrant beet hummus with dill, channeling the creamy beauty of Lithuanian cold beet soup.

February 10th - Nacho 'Banzos - Garbanzos that taste like nachos: not like salt-bomb chips and science cheez, but like the tangy, smoky, chili-peppery-ness of our homemade spice blend and fresh lime juice. Excellent in tacos, or, even better, on nachos!

February 3rd - Coconut Gold Rush Chickpeas - Our chickpeas braised in a golden, coconut-creamy, anti-inflammatory sauce, very warming on a cold Chicago day.

January 27th - Chili Chomp Chickpea Tofu - Chickpea tofu infused with a slightly sweet, slightly spicy bite.

January 20th - Ooomami Chickpeas - Chickpeas in a roasty toasty super umami sesame miso sauce. Great on soba noodles or in a mixed greens salad. 

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Customer Reviews

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Taylor Overstreet
Wild about these Nacho 'Banzos

The perfect lil combo of chili and lime make these 'banzos my new favorite item (sorry, Best Beans in the Med, but I do still love you, too)! We ate them on chips with a fresh squeeze of lime and then over rice with some crispy chili oil. Hope these babies make the main menu soon!

Krista Weir
Coconut Gold Rush Chickpeas - creamy sauce, great texture

Piled these on a sweet potato, added some indian crunchies from Trader Joes, and oh baby! What a dope dinner.

Claire G
Always a delight

We've never been disappointed in our mystery item. Delicious and exciting surprises await you. Dive in and order!

Chili chomp tofu

me, a known failure at tofu cookery, loved loved this chickpea tofu.
It sauteed beautifully and did not fall apart in the pan. liked the nice texture and "bite". Mostly it just tasted great.

Kristina Yew
Mystery Item - Oooooomami Beans!

Oh my… the oomami beans. SO GOOD. I want to drink that sauce. These would be perfect addition to a lot of meals I already make. Hubs is not a ‘beans’ guy, and he even scooped up a few extra spoonfuls of this stuff.

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