• Chickpea tofu

    Soy-Free Tofu

    Tofu made from beans. For your main course, of course.

  • Ooomami Chickpeas

    Fancy Beans

    The beans, the whole beans, and nothing but the beans.

  • Aromatic Aquafaba

    Aromatic Aquafaba

    Veggie broth for the cognoscienti. Made fresh, never from concentrate.

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Our products are always:

Made with organic ingredients 🥑

Everything but the salt and the water is organic. "Let food be thy medicine."

Plant-based ❤️

Always vegan. But if you're simply looking to swap in plant for meat for a meal or two, that's great! All Food Faiths are welcome here.

Packed in compostable containers 🌎

Packed in (actually) compostable containers.

Made with real food ingredients 👵

Only ingredients your grandmother would recognize as food. Though the idea of bean tofu might raise her eyebrows.

Ready to eat, but minimally processed 🥕

Made simply from good ingredients. Delicious right out of the package, or with some crisping!

High in protein 🏋️

Made with nature's finest plant source of protein: legumes.

Nutritionally diverse ⚡

Made with a diversity of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices. Prepared in combinations that promote absorption of the good stuff.

Created by humans for human bodies 🙋

Made with care at every stage of the process, in a kitchen, not a lab. After all, this is food! Mindful of minimizing waste, being in a community, acknowledging mistakes, and constantly improving.

Your friends should try some of this.

Someone in your life is looking for food like this. A co-worker? Dog park buddy? Love interest? What about your mom!

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