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  • Chickpea tofu

    Chickpea Tofu

    Tofu made from chickpeas. For your main course, of course.

    Sautee it 
  • Ooomami Chickpeas

    Fancy Beans

    The new can of beans. More flavor, freshly prepared, no can.

    Scoop them 
  • Aromatic Aquafaba

    Aromatic Aquafaba

    Veggie broth for the cognoscienti. Made fresh, never boxed.

    Pour some 


Delicious 😋

(But you be the judge of that.)

Ready to eat, but minimally processed 🥕

Delicious right out of the package. Improvable only by warming.

Plant-based ❤️

Always vegan.

High in protein 🏋️

Made with nature's finest plant source of protein: beans.

Made only with whole food ingredients 👵

All ingredients your grandmother would recognize as food. Organic whenever possible.

Nutritionally diverse ⚡

Made with an array of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices, for maximum nutritional benefit. Prepared in combinations that promote absorption of the good stuff.

Carbon minimal 🌎

Packed in (actually) recyclable or compostable containers. Made with local ingredients whenever possible.

Thoughtfully created 🙋

Made with care at every stage of the process, in a kitchen, not a lab. Mindful of compensating fairly, minimizing waste, locating within community, acknowledging mistakes, and improving constantly.